Over The Years

We are celebrating our 40th wedding year starting on the day we got married - 25th February.

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite! When we say, 'I love you', it is not out of habits, it is always natural. We love love, but we haven’t been all the time loved celebrating our love! But 40 years of continuous joy is an incredible accomplishment, worthy of an elaborate celebration. So, this time I am not going to let go of it and here goes our summer of love intent..

Selma and I met in Washington, USA. We were there for about sixteen weeks for different fellowship programs sponsored by IMF and the World Bank.

The period was too short for a love story to build, thrive and prosper. But we made it! We exploited whatever time we had by being glued to each other only except during the annoying study routines. Once I escaped from my routine to be together and joined her on a short excursion with her IMF group to New York. This is where I believe our relationships started maturing and went deeper. I remember on a bus trip, I was singing and translating to her the songs.. “Sonar hate sonar Kakon ke kar alonker” or “Tere husn ki kya tarif karun” to demonstrate my love. Later on, towards the end of our short meet I had to go to Guyana (Caribbean island) for two weeks on a field trip, leaving her behind in Washington. I realised then how much I missed her and needed her in my life.

We decided to get married. Selma wanted to do it in Washington and to eventually settle there. Partly because she was not confident that her parents would accept a Bangladeshi as her partner and partly to avoid the difficult choice of living in Bangladesh. Nothing against Bangladesh but 40 years back it was a hard decision for her indeed. I still insisted that we should go back to our respective families, take their consents, get married and live in Bangladesh. I wonder now, how selfish I was then and what a tough decision she chose, to make this relationship to be a reality.

We went back to our families. Selma dared not, without informing her family, came to Bangladesh putting blindly her love above all uncertainties. She arrived in the morning of the D-day. The marriage formalities and the rituals were done with so much of love and fun in the evening. No invitation cards were issued.. guests were invited over phones to join the occasion subject to bride’s successful escaping and arriving on time! There were no pandals/community centre or sherwani/pugri (thankfully Selma had her shari and wedding jewellery, probably Amma organised them beforehand!) to facilitate the occasion. Honeymoon followed in a tea garden in Srimangal that my dear friend had happily offered and I could probably afford then.

A calendar highlighting our summer of love celebrations is in this page along with few other acts. I am being selfish here! The events are primarily designed for Selma and me. But you have not been forgotten at all. The celebration starts at Dhaka on 16th March and ends in London on 21st August, 2023. You all are invited. Like our marriage, no cards again!

While I lacked consideration in pushing Selma to join me in Bangladesh, in hindsight, that was probably the best decision I took for the family as it has eventually turned out to be. Both her and me proved all odds wrong and are today most loved and respected with our families and friends. Our children and our loving grand children are what any parent can dream about. We are proud of them.

Living in Bangladesh helped flourish my career, couldn’t have dreamt any better! Leaving my job and working for myself and not having boss, was another great decision I took ten years after our marriage. It allowed us to be together at work too. We have taken togetherness to another level now. Our each mandatorily traveling together, be it for business or leisure, is more delightful!

Cheers to our 40 wonderful years, the best is yet to be..



To kick start our summer of love we are hosting our guests at Apartment-08, Plot -23, Road-08, Baridhara, Dhaka, in the country where the marriage began.

Selma and I will have plenty of time to celebrate alone in the coming months but want those who made the past years so special to join in on the fun!

Please come ready on 16th March at 6:30pm to mark the start of our adventure. See you there!

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On this day we celebrate 40 years of knowing and loving each other. 40 years ago we said I do (in our own way!) and 40 years later, we still do.

To round up our summer of love, we are rounding up those that we love (YOU)! If you’re around, come join the fun at Magna Carta Park, Englefield Green, Egham, TW200GS on 21st August, at 12:00pm.

A love story so beautiful, so true and so magical is something most people can only dream of. Being able to experience it as a product of this love is a truly a blessing. Growing up, I was lucky enough to have parents whose love for each other never wavered, no matter what life put in their path or threw their way. As an adult, this is the love that I now dream to one day have. My parents look at one another as partners more than anything else. They are always by each others side, always have each others back and always support one another. Over these 40 years, their lives and circumstances have changed tremendously, and yet this one truth has always stayed constant. I can’t imagine anything more beautiful.

Abbu and Ma, thank you for always embodying what a marriage should be. It is these values that have trickled through into our family and have kept us as close as we are. The strength and resilience that you both showed to make your marriage happen is what has kept your bond so strong over your 40 years together, and is what will continue to grow this beautiful life for your many years of marriage ahead.

Love always,


Dear Ma and Abbu,

Happy 40th Anniversary! Sitting here, so far from you all, and thinking of what I could wish for.

Other than wishing I was physically with you both today, I cannot wish for anything else in life. And I can say that with so much confidence because the both of you have always given me and my sisters, much more than what we could ever wish for. I am lucky to be the only person in this world who has been with you two the longest in this beautiful 40 year journey, and you will be surprised as to how vivid, and happy my memories are. Among the many many wonderful moments, my favorite would have to be dancing with you in your bedroom with colorful scarves in our first house, and then watching the Zee Top 10 songs in your bedroom, all 5 of us together in our Baridhara Road 6 house, with the AC on.

Thank you for showing us what unconditional love is, towards us and towards each other. Thank you for giving me my best friends- my sisters. Thank you for always believing in me even when I gave you no reason to. Thank you for standing by me at the hardest time of my life. Thank you for showing me how important it is to be honest.

Thank you for being the best grandparents my kids could ever ask for. The both of you have lived the past 40 years with such dignity and elegance, with your heads held high. I am so proud to be a part of this beautiful Ruby journey of yours and to call you my parents.

My wish on this anniversary of yours is to always remember your yesterdays, celebrate your todays and plan your tomorrows. InshaAllah.

I love you both so much more than my heart can hold.


My favourite story that I used to listen to over and over again is how my parents met. I remember as a child asking to hear their story quite a few times. It is that idea that has shaped my perception of romance and love and all the high expectations I will always have of it. Their foundation as a couple has always been extremely strong and that has trickled down to the three of us. For that, I will always be grateful.

My wish for you, Abbu and Ma is that they continue to be the youthful, fun-loving and adventurous pair that you are. I love how you both are so happy to try new things and continue to challenge yourselves. That should never change. I wish you both to experience all that you wanted to when you first met and never let go of who you are. You both bring something special to our family and will always be our guide no matter how old we are.

You deserve more than a summer of love but an eternity of it.

All my love


Ma & Abbu, you two are living embodiments of nurturing and enduring love. It is remarkable to see how you build each other up in the best way possible.

Your anniversary is a special time to reflect on the road that took you to becoming partners in life and all the wonderful moments you’ve shared together. You have created a lovely family with your love and sacrifice and I am truly glad to be a part of this wonderful kinship.

But there is still a long way to go in your incredible journey together. Wishing you lots of love and happiness in the years ahead.

Happy Anniversary!


After Soukaina’s wedding Muna and I were thinking what else is there for us to look forward to!
You and Selma have given us a year’s worth of reasons with pleasure to see 2023 through!
Thank you and long may it continue.


সালমাতাই, আলহামদুলিল্লাহ। আল্লাহ পাক তোমাদের দীর্ঘ জীবন দান করুন। তোমাদের ভবিষ্যৎ যেন আরও সুন্দর ও সম্মৃদ্ধিশালি হয় এই কামনা করছি।


Brilliant idea Tai, Just visited the website. Very well designed. Looking forward to seeing your adventures...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Bulbuli | Coke Studio Bangla | Season One | Ritu Raj X Nandita

Maltese makjetta: traditional folklore music from Malta  

Washington, D.C. - The Magnetic Fields

Sailor - A Glass of Champagne (1976)

YouTubeUltravox - Vienna (Official Music Video)

John McEnroe’s epic Wimbledon meltdown: ‘You cannot be serious!’ |ESPN Archives

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Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street (Official Video)

As part of your 40th wedding anniversary celebrations we thought about some music to relate to the places you are going to visit...and finally,

Kool & The Gang - Celebration - YouTube

Savitree and Shopon

I just overwhelmed knowing the great romantic tale of 40 years of togetherness. Conquering a battle of cultural and geographical barrier for the sake of love involves a lot of sacrifice also. And continuing that relation decade after decade involves enormous love, respect, dedication to each other, which resulting, looking at you today, we can see a very nice, happy family. Salute to both of you.Like the way you have chosen to celebrate your summer of love. I will also love and eagerly wait to see some snapshots of each of the celebrations throughout this summer!Finally, in this happy moment, wishing you two another year of love, laughter and happiness. Happy Anniversary! I hope that your love gets deeper & stronger each year & your relationship grows too.


Wonderful! Your story is inspirational, and a real life fairy tale ( touch wood)! We are so lucky to get to know both of you over the last decade! Love the way you are planning to celebrate your 40th anniversary, and YES, why not do it in style. Looking forward to the updates.Lots of respect and love for both of you from both of us. Cheers.

Fahim & Zeenat

Heartiest heartiest congratulations to the most lovely couple I know on celebrating 40 years. It’s such an important milestone and I wish both of you all the love, happiness, health and wealth sir.. to another 40 years of companionship for life ❤️


Dear Faruq and SalimaWish you both a very happy and love filled 40th anniversary and many many  more years of togetherness and celiberations ahead. Truly a very touching , romanting and love filled journey n love story of 40 yrs.....to be continuing....loved reading every word of it.Cheers 🥂


Wow. Congratulations Faruq Bhai and Selma Bhabi. We’ll surely be there following you


Great pic Faruq bhai. Video was excellent. Happy 40th Anniversary.


Super nice, well done!

Happy Belated Anniversary! Hope you managed to have romantic dinner :)


Well the celebration has begun …40 years of togetherness     …..wonderful…enjoy … Red Ruby anniv.

FB & Bhabi … happy anniversary …. Wishing you the very best in your lives …let the Ruby work towards the Diamond in all happiness and in best of spirits. … warmest wishes Alangir & Lubna.

FB opened up and read through the selmatai.com and it’s really beautiful and so well structured.
To me it was all new your romantic story how Selma Tai romance and later the loving connectivity occurred. Thanks indeed for sharing .. indeed it is romantic and touching.
I hope and pray that your wonderful wonderful relationship continues to grow as you move  forward to the elderly years… 💐

FB: bhabi included…Thank you both for giving us a lovely enjoyable evening …kicking off your Ruby anniversary celebrations.
It was our pleasure to be able to spend an evening in an invaluable ambience … excellent arrangements …succulent foods … a beautiful evening of memorable songs…off course nature had its own course of slight showers dampening the entertainment
however no regrets… it was enough to rejoice the celebrations … a evening well beyond reckoning …thank you.


Happy Anniversary Tai and Selma ! Wish you great celebrations. Best wishes for great times together. Warm regards.

Mosaddek and Kawsar

So nice to see you and bhabi in great mood to kick off your Rubi wedding anniversary. We could have celebrated with this kind (Shangri-La hotel) of Bar and Restaurent for you. The way you are leading your life now it shows only 20th anniversary and hoping you will keep it up to feel younger.

Nurul Haque

Happy anniversary Tai and Salma, we express all our love, devotion , affection for our evergreen couple friends.


A 40th wedding anniversary is certainly something to celebrate : The Ruby .There's so much symbolism associated with this vibrant red stone: it represents romance, devotion and passion, all qualities that make it very worthy of such an amazing milestone. A lasting love like yours is the most beautiful thing. Bon anniversaire !

Finally managed to open the links . Every single detail is there . Liked all , the best one is “A Romantic Tale “…Superb!


Assalamu alaikum. Happy Anniversary to you and Bhabi. Such a wonderful way of celebrating such a big milestone of companionship. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Juthi and I wish you both a lifetime of health, adventures and happiness. In shaa Allah shall see you on the 16th. Best wishes


Dear Selma & Faruque Bhi,
Hearty congratulations!
A somewhat belated happy anniversary wish to you both on your Ruby wedding anniversary! Didn’t realise your special occasion was on 25th February!
Such a great & touching love story - your marriage is a testament to the wonderful people you both are, a beautiful couple and our blessing to have met and know.
Blessings always for many more years of bliss together
We must get together to celebrate you both once we can soon after our travels❤️❤️❤️


Dear Sir and Madam Sorry for delay replying as I did not open it correctly

I  wish both of you  40 year anniversary as special as the love that you two share .

Congratulations on 40 years spend together.

There is English saying “We are born crying and living grumbling and die disappointed “But I have work with you two now almost 16 years and it is good amounts time to understand someone. According to my understanding above mention saying is not applicable for you where it is valid for most of people in the world . It is different between you two and others. You both may born crying but but I feel you both do not living grumbling or die disappointedly.

As you both are loving each other too much and facing to life together. Lot of things we can learn from you two.

It is great achievement of life not possible to value.

Finally thanks for inviting me to event. It is great event, I wish both you and your long life

All best

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